Drawings : Antoine Bidal


JARDINS DES VOYAGEURS (The travellers’ Garden)
From JUNE 13 to OCTOBER 18 2015
Opening ceremony on Saturday, June 13 at 4.30 PM

The years from 1775 to1779, when the Royal Saltworks were built, were also the exceptional time of explorers, with their great desire to discover and learn, to acquire and share knowledge in order to contribute to the progress and happiness of mankind. Thus, when travel is a theme at the Royal Saltworks, this architectural masterpiece of the Enlightenment period from precisely the time of the great expeditions, can enter into dialogue with an ever more structured and richer botanical know-how.
We thus aim to pay homage to those moments in history that significantly changed the daily life of mankind, including its intellectual and spiritual aspects.
Thus, in resonance with the exhibition 
Mines de Sel”, the 15th edition of the Garden Festival at the Royal Saltworks is based on this theme of “The travellers’ gardens”. The gardens were designed and made from September 2014 to June 2015, in collaboration with 22 educational institutions in Eastern France and Switzerland and consist of 12 plots with themes such as “imaginary travels”, “painters’ voyages”, “the writers’ East”, “the spiritual paradise”, “the immobile voyage” or “the search for the earthly Eden”.