In May 1984, the Royal Saltworks site opened a bookshop/shop managed by Richard Edwards. The shop specialises in architecture, urbanism, and futures studies, and was immediately recognised as being the first bookshop outside of Paris specialising in architecture, as well as the second on a national level. The Bookshop/Shop is the direct result of the cultural and scientific projects of the Saltworks site. When visitors have finished their tour, and are full of vivid impressions, the shop enables them to find the related products that they wish to purchase.

The shop has a very modern interior design and is located in the old Guards Court. It was designed by J.Aubert and F. Montès and sells a selection of books relating to the old Arc-et-Senans Royal Saltworks production site.

> The history of the Saltworks site, its architect Claude-Nicolas Ledoux, the history of architecture and of architects from the Antiquity to current day, cultural heritage, and interior design.
> Salt and its history throughout history and the continents.
> Social utopia, future studies.
> The garden festival.
> The Franche-Comté region; The Royal Saltworks site is located in a region with a rich historical past and a very attractive landscape, the Franche-Comté region. For those who wish to expand their knowledge of this area, the Royal Saltworks bookshop sells guidebooks, history books, books about its famous inhabitants, its traditions, its gastronomy, and its writers.
> Books for children and youngsters on similar subjects.

The bookshop team will be happy to help you in your search for specific books. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Nathalie DURAND-BRETON – Bookshop Manager

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